NOW OFFERING VIRTUAL Educational Therapy for Individual Learning

What are your child's

  • strengths?
  • passions?
  • difficulties?
  • problem-solving strategies?
  • abilities to be independent learners who initiate, complete and monitor the quality of their work?
  • resilience and persistence skills?

Your child can benefit from individual, scientific, evidence-based skill and strategy training that is needed to

  • be an independent problem-solver.
  • build a solid foundation of knowledge and "how to learn" methods.
  • learn executive function skills.
  • turn the frustration of "I can't. I don't know how" into accomplishment and skill mastery.

I use my extensive training and experience in dyslexia, other learning disorders, dysgraphia, executive function, ADHD, processing, memory, and emotional regulation challenges to

  • partner with each student to help them find their talents they can use to effectively address their struggles.
  • help them develop the language they need to explain their ideas, their observations, and their problem-solving skills.
  • thoughtfully design a program to match your child's developmental level to learn the skills needed to be an independent student.

Barbara Bennett