NOW OFFERING VIRTUAL Educational Therapy for Individual Learning

Sheltering in Place offers families with children with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Executive Function challenges the opportunity to observe your children who now do not have the structure of school and after school activities.

What are your child's:

  • strengths?
  • passions?
  • difficulties?
  • problem-solving strategies?
  • abilities to be independent learners who initiate, complete and monitor the quality of their work?
  • resilience and persistence skills?

Since special education/504 plans are limited due to school closures, your child can benefit from the scientific, evidence-based skill and strategy training that is needed to:

  • be independent problem-solvers.
  • build a solid foundation of ideas and learning methods.
  • learn executive function skills.
  • turn the frustration of "I can't. I don't know how" into accomplishment and skill mastery.

I use my extensive training and experience in dyslexia, other learning disorders, dysgraphia, executive function, ADHD, processing, memory , and emotional regulation challenges to:

  • partner with each student to help them find their talents to use to address their struggles.
  • help them develop the language they need to explain their ideas, their observations, and their problem-solving skills.
  • thoughtfully design a program to match your child's developmental level and growth.

Barbara Bennett