Which Skills are Taught?

The Goals

When I partner with the individual child or adult, I teach each person "how to learn" and the skills needed to close the achievement gap. My students master both the academic and the organizational skills they will need to learn new skills as they progress in school and in life.

Unlike tutoring or group remedial lessons, my educational therapy approach, based upon "tried and true" science-based methods, is uniquely tailored to each student who then learns to turn struggles into successes.

The Specific Skills

  • Reading: phonemic awareness, reading words (decoding), fluency, comprehension, vocabulary

  • Spelling: rules and strategies

  • Math: concepts, computation, language

  • Oral language: receptive language (effective listening skills) and expressive language (effective speaking skills)

  • Written language skills

  • Science and history: identification of key ideas and facts

  • Organization: time and materials management; homework and test study skills

  • Strategies to address difficulty following directions

  • Effective memory and other executive function strategies

  • Self-awareness - personalized "learn how to learn" techniques

  • Assistive technology to facilitate learning

  • Self-advocacy strategies

  • Workplace skills for adults

Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett