“We discovered that one of the most highly regarded Educational Therapists in the field had just moved to the Seattle area. Upon meeting Ms. Bennett, I recognized that she was completely dedicated to teaching kids how to learn and that she was not the typical ‘homework helper.’ I saw Ms. Bennett as a path to a lifetime solution for my daughter, not a short-term cure that would get my daughter advanced only one level to then find herself struggling yet again. At the college of her choice in Boston, she earned a GPA of 3.7, with a 4.0 in her major every year. She then studied at the London School of Economics. She now works in the world of finance.”

* * *

“I was one of your “learning disabled” students about 20 years ago. I think of you often because working with you had such a profound impact on my life. You instilled life-long lessons that have surely shaped my destiny. I earned my design degree at UCLA School of Art and Architecture. I have lectured on my innovative film and television title design work at several UC schools and the USC School of Cinematic Arts.”

* * *

“A close friend recommended Ms. Bennett. I cannot say enough about her abilities to pinpoint learning problems and to help children overcome their limitations. My 23 year-old son is employed as a junior producer by one of the major video game manufacturers. I’m very proud of his accomplishments and am very grateful to Ms. Bennett for all her help.”

Barbara Bennett