My Program

My work with the individual student

  • An in-depth educational evaluation is provided to assess the student’s specific academic skills and the strategies needed to apply them. Attentional, organizational, language, and emotional factors are considered in the evaluation. Recent evaluations by other professionals can be used to provide this information.

  • Lessons are carefully designed according to individual needs, strengths, learning styles, and up-to-date research on dyslexia, other learning and language disorders, ADHD, anxiety and depression.

  • Using individual interests and educational testing information, motivated students move at their own rate to achieve skill mastery and confidence in their personal abilities.

  • Organizational skills and problem-solving are taught as integral parts of lessons.

Parent consultation services

  • Parent coaching and school consultation are available to maximize student progress.

  • Regular parent meetings are held to discuss the child’s progress.

  • Special Education: IEP and 504 consultations are available.

Training and consultation

  • Teacher training programs and teacher consultations are available.

  • Workplace consultation is offered for adults with dyslexia and/or ADHD.

Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett