Summer: a good time for dyslexic, LD, and ADHD students to close the academic gap and learn "how to learn"

Why summer learning works:

  • Students learn skills without the pressure of the school day.

  • Your child benefits from individualized, targeted instruction to address learning disabilities in math, reading, writing, executive function, processing, and language.

When should you call for an appointment?

  • You wonder if your child is ready for kindergarten.

  • Your child struggles to learn during the school year.

  • You know (or suspect) that your child has: dyslexia; dysgraphia; a learning disability in writing, spelling, and math; ADHD; communication, processing, or executive function difficulties.

  • Your child does the work, but doesn't turn it in.

  • Your child seems to know the material, but fails tests.

  • You want to end the homework battles.

  • You want your child to do homework independently.

  • You worry that your child won't be ready for the next grade or school setting (middle school, high school, or college).

  • You want your child to have the skills and learning strategies to be ready for September.

There is no age limit to learning skills that maximize your dyslexic or AD/HD child's potential.

Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett